Let's Get Physical......Metaphysical

Life is hard. Dealing with little things can be a task. As for the things that seem insurmountable, make them little things. So instead of a mountain of grief and hardships, they become tasks. Little tiny tasks. Imagine these as pebbles or let's say crystals rather.


Now instead of those crystals being a burden, let's flip them into a joy. Each representing a different part of the human experience. Somewhere to store your passions, your frustrations and everything in between. Something to hold outside of you, so you don't have to hold it inside.


These things are the potentials of crystal work. Creating spaces in your home or office or really anywhere, that you want to feel safe.


Carnelian, a personal favorite stone of mine is connected to fire, the heart and is full of passion. Lining your home with a grid of these could triple your potential for projects and inspirations.

My Carnelian Necklace

I seek to help and grow alongside those who are interested in my search for happiness. I believe these little crystals can help! I'm Cody and this is my Crystal Grid.

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