Sometimes we all feel alone

Posted by Cody Jensen on

Sometimes we all feel alone, regardless if its perception or not, if it feels real to us, it can be tough to get through.  I have felt, whether true or not that Friends who were never really true friends and people I thought were there for me weren't. 

However, it is with meditation, prayers and exercises  that I'm able to push through from day to day.  Also upbeat or even aggressive music  can help as well.  Keeps the blood pumping and my mind focused. 

Rose quartz has been a lifesaver as well as some larger pieces of carnelian to remind me that my passions are my own and my goals are my own.  To push forward regardless of the obstacles, to work for happiness even against the worst times. 








I hope that you all can find some solace in these words and keep pushing forward.  You will find that there is no point in running from the things that keep you feeling closed in, face them and move on, it is very freeing.