The Power Within

Posted by Cody Jensen on

The earth provides.  Yet, imagine all we could achieve with limitless sources of power.  As an entire gathering of humans. Now imagine that you can already achieve things beyond your current comprehension.  I'm talking about enlightenment.  The state of mind when you grasp and understand things on a moment to moment basis.  When you are neither staring into the future nor are you stuck in the past.  The current moment is a gift, that is why it is called the 'present'.  Most of us never realize how much we are stuck in fast motion or in a constant crawl.  Never just keeping pace with the universe, learning all it has to offer.  

  • Through the Third Eye, we can create and explore endless possibilities with our minds. 
  • Through our Throat, we can explain and reason with ourselves and others .
  • Through our Heart, we learn to love and forgive. 

It is with these tools and many others that we can amplify our resonance through stones. Howlite is a personal favorite.  The black and white swirls remind me of the Yin and Yang balance of life. 

We should learn during the poor times to truly enjoy the great moments. Til next time, take the time to look inside and find your balance. Find the power within you.