About Us

We are a small family run boutique getting back to our roots. My name is Kristina and I have been on a spiritual journey for the longest time. I feel I have had to stop and start so many times due to bad decisions, outside interference and just bad timing.

As a plus size woman I have endured years of judgement and ridicule and have been called every name in the book. Not only by strangers but my own family and friends. I used to take all of that to heart and let it get me down. Not anymore. I do not let someone’s judgement dictate my feelings. I use my love, kindness, humor and wisdom to help empower and inspire women of all sizes to find their inner beauty and truth.

Through our online boutique we source the cutest and most comfortable clothes we can find for the every day woman and we try to find them with a Celtic/metaphysical flare. We have begun to offer smaller sizes as well because we strive to Inspire Beauty In All Sizes.

The past few months have been such a whirlwind of inspiration and exploration for us. We have brought in metaphysical jewelry, incense, incense burners as well as the cutest dragon and fairy statues.

With this period of growth and awakening I have been able to hone my empathic ability and start my Tarot and Oracle card journey and hope to be able to offer that in the near future.

My husband, Justin, who is the tech behind the operation is also a musician and he is starting to compose music for relaxation and meditation as well as his favorite prog rock inspirations.

My stepson writes a blog for our website about crystal grids and crystal healing. My 12 year old daughter is my model and beauty guru and my 7 year old is the comic relief. It’s never a dull moment.

Life is too short to let people get you down so it is time to shed the societal norms and rise up to be your own beautiful. Beauty comes in all sizes, shapes and shades. 💜