One Question Reading Video
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One Question Reading Video

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This reading is designed to provide more a in-depth clarity and guidance into your question and where you can go from here.  You have the option to ask me and the cards a specific question or provide me with some information to focus on.  I will choose a spread or do a generic reading.  Please add any information to the notes box at checkout.

I am happy to do a reading on the following, and other related ethical topics:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Family dynamics
  • Financial outlooks
  • Personal betterment and spiritual seeking

I will NOT do a reading on the following, and other related unethical topics:

  • Lottery numbers
  • Health matters
  • Legal matters
  • Spying on any third party
  • When and how you are going to die

I’ll read 3+ cards and you will receive a video file of your reading captured in real time while I am pulling your cards.

Cards will be intuitively selected for you, are unique to your reading, and no two readings are the same. Readings are delivered to your email address within 2 to 5 business days unless otherwise indicated.

As a special bonus I will also provide a Major Arcana summary based upon the numerology of cards selected as well as your special angel message. 

Disclaimer: These readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not an appropriate substitute for professional advice.

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